Akhisar Commodity Exchange

It was determined to be established on 08.22.1968, Akhisar Commodity Exchange initiated activities declared by law 5174 based on The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), on 05.03.1969.

Akhisar Commodity Exchange, missions to make continuous progresses in order to make services more qualified and controlled.  These improvements revealed the necessity of integrating modern management approaches with total quality management, transparency, accountability, participation and strategic management. In this regard, Akhisar Commodity Exchange presented quality management system (QMS) in 2012, and become certified with ISO 9001 QMS certification on 28.08.2012. Additionally, in 2013, Akhisar Commodity Exchange attained its accreditation certificate by TOBB.

Today, Akhisar Commodity Exchange has over 400 registered members. On behalf of management department, there are 14 assembly members in which 5 of them serve as board members.

Akhisar Commodity Exchange prioritizes to establish close relations with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, associations, other chambers and commodity exchanges as well as its members.  In addition to this, promoting Akhisar which assets over 12 million olive trees, is one of its prime targets. In this context, Akhisar Commodity Exchange attended many fairs and started the tradition of Olive Harvest Festival.

The vision of the Akhisar Commodity Exchange reveals to perform fundamental commodity exchange activities stated by regulations, increase awareness of Akhisar as “Capital of Olive”, promote products of Akhisar in Turkey and overseas, create globally competitive merchants and producers with elevated education levels.

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